A consultation consists of an interview, then a physical examination followed by treatment with exercises/lifestyle advice as required.

Your privacy and modesty are respected at all times. Examinations are not invasive. Gowns are provided and towels are used effectively throughout the treatment to drape and cover the body.

In the interview I take a detailed medical history and review any images, x-rays or scans you may have.

The physical examination aims to find the site of your symptoms as well as their source, so that I can move toward long term as well as short term relief. It involves neurological and orthopaedic examination, paying attention to restrictions in range of motion in all vectors and associated muscle spasm. I use palpation to reveal tenderness around these areas.

Treatment involves a variety of soft tissue, muscle energy, joint manipulation and articulatory techniques to help decrease pain and increase range of motion. I also use cupping and dry needling to treat the body.

I often provide a home exercise/stretch program with the goal of increasing range of motion, decreasing pain and improving quality of life, so patients can speed up the healing process while away from the clinic.


Osteopathic treatment is most commonly sought for musculo-skeletal problems such as:

My patients range in age from 1 - 100.

I provide:

I prioritise the diagnosis of the underlying cause of the patient’s problem.